This place can make you go crazy!

At first glance, the plot seems simple. You find yourself in a strange place you've never been before. It looks like no one ever lived here, because there are no signs of people. There are yellowish wallpapers all over the walls, and they are the same everywhere. It looks like you are in a dark basement with only dim lamps to light the way. No matter where you are, you feel like you need to leave as quickly as possible. You keep walking, but the inside of the house doesn't change. It's just a long chain of yellow rooms. Are you insane? You really start to feel like you are in a strange place. And slowly, you start to wonder if the door even leads anywhere.


Don't just give up so fast!

One of the writers' goals was to trick the players into getting lost in this terrible maze. But you are a lot stronger now, right? There must be a way out, but you need to think harder to find some clues. Take the time to look in every nook and cranny of each room. You might find some strange things. You will soon find out that these are not just left here sometimes. Each of them has a clue that will help you figure out what to do next. If you look closely enough, you might even find messages written on different pieces of paper. It looks like someone has already been lost in this maze. Come now to see if you can finally get out of this trap.

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