04.01.2019 6 minut čtení


Nonsense? First of all, most of us don‘t realise that the actual reason why we should exercise is the many health benefits that come with it till after we turn thirty.

In our twenties, being active is mostly about trying to get in shape and look good, while the idea that exercise is actually an investment into our future rarely occurs to us.

Jogging, swimming, weight training, hiking, CrossFit, rock climbing, power walking, yoga, Pilates, cycling, boxing, interval training and many other activities keep us fit, make our muscles grow, tone our bodies, helps shred fat, shape our curves… while we continue to neglect another important body part — the brain. But I work out my brain all day long, you think, I plan, solve, brainstorm, count, analyse, translate, reason and so surely work out my brain enough? Yes, you are pushing it to the limits, but do you also allow it to recover? Have you ever sat down in front of your computer, lost in the baffling cacophony of ideas, projects, tasks, to-dos, not even knowing where to start? You forget what you were doing five minutes ago, what you went to your colleague’s office for, you forget your words, names, addresses, you cannot concentrate and get on with the project that was due… well, yesterday. If any of this sounds like you, read on. If not, please email me and tell me how the hell you’ve achieved that!

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