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The Key Significance of Emotional Support for Aged People

Life involves facing challenges during every phase of human growth. Young life involves challenges such as getting a quality education, securing a good income source, and providing for your family to name but a few.

Life involves facing challenges during every phase of human growth. Young life involves challenges such as getting a quality education, securing a good income source, and providing for your family to name but a few. These challenges do not stop once one reaches old age but merely change in form. In the face of these challenges, emotional support animals can provide the respite that one needs to effectively counter these challenges so that one can lead a life being happy and content. Emotional support animals provide love and support, that can make your mental health a lot better.


The aged population often feels lonely and isolated, which can lead to various mental health issues. That's where emotional support animals come in. At realesaletter, we understand the key significance of emotional support for aged people. Our team of licensed mental health professionals can help evaluate if an ESA dog is suitable for you or your elderly loved one. With an ESA dog, they can have a constant companion that provides comfort, love, and emotional support.



         Emotional support animals provide a multitude of benefits for aged people. Having emotional support in nursing houses has been linked with the increased mental and physical well-being of the residents. Having emotional support animals around you leads to the increased neurotransmitter in one’s brain. 


This is because when you have an emotional support animal with you at all times, you tend to play with them, pet them, and provide them with the care they need. This causes the brain to release dopamine that reduces the stress levels of people in residential homes and causes their moods to become lighter and happier. Thus, having an emotional support animal in resident homes can cause the residents to feel psychologically better.


         Emotional support animals also help residents to feel less anxious. Oftentimes, aged people living in nursing homes feel anxious and nervous. This is because there are few opportunities to bond with someone on a deeper level. Emotional support animals provide them with the company they need to feel less anxious. These people tend to form deeper bonds with these animals. By having these animals around, aged people feel a sense of connection with these animals that decreases their loneliness.


         The presence of emotional support animals in nursing houses also motivates aged people residing them to take care of these animals. These people feed these emotional support animals, play with them, and engage in other healthy physical activities with them. This brings structure to the lives of aged people. Also, by having an emotional support animal that depends on you for its care and growth, the lives of aged people get a renewed sense of purpose. Moreover, the care that is required of emotional support animals makes aged people engage in healthy physical activity on a daily basis, which prevents their bodies from getting physically ill.


         While there are many benefits associated with having an emotional support animal, such as an ESA dog, these benefits can be best enjoyed when one has obtained an ESA letter. The ESA letter shows that the person applying has a legitimate mental health condition that can be significantly improved with the help of emotional support animals. The ESA letter is only to be attained by mental health practitioners like psychoanalysts, mental health counselors, or clinical social workers. These mental health providers should be practicing within the state that the applicant is applying from.


         To attain an ESA letter, you first have to select the type of ESA letter that you want. For instance, a real esa letter for housing enables you to attain residence in homes and apartments that do not allow animals to reside. The Fair Housing Act – the law that guides the residence provision process – states that every individual, despite their racial, ethnic, or health backgrounds, has the right to fair accommodation. Thus, given that you have a mental health condition that requires the company of emotional support animals – as indicated by your ESA letter, – you are protected by the law against residence providers that discriminate against you on the basis of having emotional support animals.


         The next step in obtaining an ESA letter is to get the recommendation of a licensed mental health provider. If you know a licensed mental health provider yourself, you can get in contact with them. Otherwise, there are online ESA letter service providers that connect you with such mental health providers. Firstly, these ESA service providers provide you with a questionnaire to determine how likely you are to attain an ESA letter. After that, they will link you to a licensed mental health provider, through a video conference or a phone call. Through this interaction, the mental health practitioner would determine whether or not to provide you with an ESA letter or not. If so, they will send you an electronic ESA letter, and a physical letter through the mail in a few days.


         Mostly these ESA letter services tend to be reliable. But lurking among these are some services that engage in fraudulent activities. To ensure that you do not get stuck into such a trap, you should take a few steps. Firstly, ask the ESA Letter service to send you a sample of the ESA letter. The sample should contain all of the required sections present in a typical ESA letter. If any of those are missing, it is an indicator that the ESA service is fraudulent. Secondly, you should ensure that the webpage of the ESA service providers is secure. This is indicated by a padlock present at the top left of the URL tab. And lastly, you should ensure that the date of issue and the date of expiry is correct. The ESA letter is valid for only 12 months, and the letter that you receive should reflect this accurately. Given that these steps are carefully followed, an authentic ESA letter will be acquired ensuring that the aged people benefit from emotional support animals in a secure and protected way.


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