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We all eat three times daily and those meals aren’t the same always. Digestive issues like gas, bloating, diarrhea or constipation are amongst the usual events after eating which usually turns into severe stomach cramps.

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According to the National Institute of Health, around 70 million Americans are suffered from Digestive Diseases. Conditions like indigestion are the worst where most people cry for a single feel of comfort. This can be pretty bad when you have a low amount of digestive enzymes in the body.

What are Digestive Enzymes and How Do They Work?

Human physiology is an astonishing design of a chain of reactions that secretes different types of enzymes, the role of most digestive enzymes is to break down the foods that we eat and this process starts from the mouth till it reaches the endpoint.

Most of the food that we consume has either protein, fats, and carbohydrates. There is a different enzyme for every element for its breakdown, like Proteases enzyme breakdown proteins in the food particles, same goes for Amylase which metabolizes sugar and starch and lipase for a breakdown of fats.

There are fully functional glands located inside the body which secrete these useful enzymes. Most of which are in the mouth, stomach, gallbladder, small intestine, and pancreas. These digestive enzymes not only breakdown the food particles but extract a sufficient amount of nutrients which gets your body desired elements. If one of these glands are weakened, the production of digestive enzymes becomes mild and that may create various bowel-related issues.

Types of Digestive Enzyme Supplements

The role of over the counter digestive enzyme supplements is to naturally produce the important digestive enzymes in the body, instead of incorporating steroids or any other chemicals that may produce harmful effects. According to the world’s most renowned Gastroenterologists and Clinical Experts, these are the most recommended form of best digestive enzyme supplements.

Vitapost digestive enzymes full ingredients have an exceptional rate of producing digestive enzymes naturally. These are not just proteases, lipase, lactase, or even alpha-galactosidase but many others. The combination of these enzymes makes Vitapost the best digestive enzyme supplement.

About VitaPost Digestive Enzymes

By digestive enzymes definition, you may have gotten an idea about what VitaPost Digestive Enzymes are. It’s a combination of many many enzymatic helpers that are useful to supply full nutritional value from the food intake.

The 3 main primary purposes or mechanisms of VitaPost Digestive Enzyme supplement is to:

Breakdown of 90% food particles

Provide Broad-Spectrum Digestive Enzyme Formula

Enhance Nutrients Absorption

What’s Inside VitaPost Digestive Enzyme

VitaPost Ingredients are nothing but natural digestive enzymes that supports the absorption of protein, carbohydrates, and other useful nutrients.

Inside the VitaPost formula there are:

Protein Enzymes (Protease 1, Protease 2, Papain, Bromelain, Peptidase, and Aspergillopepsin)

Papain is the main constituent in Papaya fruit which contains multiple ranges of digestive enzymes for protein breakdown along with fats and starches. On the other hand, Bromelain is the active ingredient of Pineapple which has been used for its hundreds of health benefits.

Papain and Bromelain are also used to tenderize meat in restaurants.

The combination of heavy enzymes like peptidase and aspergillopepsin is known to improve digestion and breakdown of Gluten.

Note: Digestive enzyme supplements like VitaPost are not supposed to treat bowel diseases but to treat the symptoms and eventually making them treatable.

Carbohydrate Enzymes (Amylase, Glucoamylase, Lactase, Beta-Glucanase, Invertase)

Amylase is an enzyme that is responsible for metabolizing starch, this is mostly produced in the gut or salivary glands. Starch is found in most of our foods these days like potatoes and rice. Many types of sugar are hard to digest, like with lactose-intolerant people.

Invertase in VitaPost digestive enzyme supplement helps in the breakdown of sugar more easily into fructose and glucose. Some constituents like beta-glucan in different foods are hard to digest which is why beta-glucanase is added to support its breakdown, beta-glucan is mostly found in mushrooms.

Other Useful Enzymes in VitaPost (Lipase, Cellulase, Hemicellulase, Xylanase, Phytase, Pectinase)

Lipase breakdown fats and another form of oils. Sometimes if you have too much oily food, you end up experiencing nausea and bloating like effects. Studies have shown that taking lipase with a meal could reduce the feeling of fullness and support the comfort levels.

Phytase is an enzyme that breaks down Phytic acid, also, phytase also useful against the normal absorption of iron.

These 4 enzymes (Cellulase, Hemicellulase, Xylanase, Pectinase) are responsible for the breakdown of the plant components that are mostly hard to digest. For example, indigestible fiber can be an effective tool for weight loss because it supports fullness, but its excess could lead to stomach discomfort.

VitaPost Benefits for Someone with IBS

VitaPost provides Everyday Digestive Support in a form of 18 different enzymes and the claims by the company are conceived by the customer reviews afterward.

VitaPost supports healthy digestion

Promote optimum nutrients absorption

Provide Everyday Digestive Support

Effectively breakdown carbs, proteins, and fats in our diet

Remarkable reduce bloating, constipation, and ingestion issues

Cleanse the colon and support colon health

Make your gut useful against digestion of hard-to-digest types of food

IBS patients are given treatments that work symptomatically. VitaPost provides the same effect by reducing Diarrhea, Constipation, Bloating, and Gas. Because the availability of digestive enzymes aids the breakdown of food, VitaPost like supplements might help reduce the IBS symptoms.

VitaPost Digestive Enzymes Pricing and Where to Buy

VitaPost digestive enzyme supplement is available at the Official Website which you can find online. The rates of each supplement or packages are mentioned below.

VitaPost cost for 1 Bottle: $24.80

VitaPost cost for 2 Bottles: $44.80

VitaPost cost for 3 Bottles: $67.20

VitaPost cost for 4 Bottles: $74.80

Buying in bulk saves you some cost and you have to pay $4.95 shipping charges too.


Digestive enzyme Walmart have wide array of digestive enzyme supplements but they don’t sell VitaPost, period.

Gnc digestive enzymes have limited number of supplements in which VitaPost is available with no discount and money back offer.

Digestive enzyme amazon may deliver a counterfeit supplement that shouldn’t be trusted easily. Amazon digestive enzymes have number of users attached to its sale and this is why you should only buy VitaPost digestive enzymes from the OFFICIAL PAGE.

7 Best Digestive Enzymes Foods

Here is what we know could benefit your gut if you have an insufficient amount natural digestive enzyme supplements in your body.


Pineapple is a tropical fruit that contains a potential group of digestive enzymes called Bromelain. This is also available in VitaPost as a primary ingredient, the enzyme is protease in nature that helps in the breakdown of protein and its small building blocks called amino acids.


Papaya is also a tropical fruit that contains Papain in abundance which is also a protease digestive enzyme. Papain contains many groups of proteases and is useful against reducing IBS symptoms such as bloating and constipation.


Honey is the most used confectionary item that is filled with extraordinary health benefits. Also because this delicious semi-solid liquid contains loads of digestive enzymes. According to an estimation, around 400 million pounds of honey are consumed by Americans every year.


Banana is loaded with essential and natural digestive enzymes such as Amylase and Glucosidases, these 2 groups of digestive enzymes are helpful for carbs and starch breakdown. Also for those whose guts cannot absorb sugar easily.

Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi is a form of berry which is recommended to aid the process of digestion. This citrus-like fruit is loaded with a plethora of digestive enzymes, most specially Acitinidain, a unique form of Protease. This is used to tenderize the meats, along with that kiwi contains many other enzymes that help in the ripening of fruit.


Ginger has been used for culinary purposes and also used in traditional medicines for thousands of years. Ginger is noticeably beneficial in improving digestion, the enzyme present in Ginger is Zingibain which digest protein and amino acids.


Avocados are recommended to diabetic individuals because of healthy fats and low in sugar. Avocados are filled with Lipase, a digestive enzyme that helps in the metabolism of fat into smaller molecules which are called fatty acids.  These are easy to get absorbed in the body. Lipase is produced inside the pancreas which is not found in our dietary intake. VitaPost contains lipase in an optimum amount which improves digesting the high-fat diet.


Whether you are looking for digestive enzyme Walmart, gnc digestive enzymes pr digestive enzyme amazon. You may get multiple options from which choosing the right one is your decision. VitaPost digestive enzyme supplement is designed to perish the IBS symptoms with the help of Everyday Digestive Support.

The company claims are broader, their price range is almost feasible to everyone who has gas, bloating, and other digestive related issues. The company’s website VitaPost is available to understand the basic things about the purchase.

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