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The base class icon is no longer visible in-game

The game is designed around the setup of these Trinity teams, and the healer needs to be able to reasonably hit both damage dealers

In general, it's always a recurring complaint that healers can pull up more numbers than PvP damage dealers. But if you think about it for a moment, it's not unreasonable to be like that. The game is designed around the setup of these Trinity teams, and the healer needs to be able to reasonably hit both damage dealers and the enemy team's tanks.

Player characters with swtor credits in Star Wars: The Old Republic belong to one of eight basic classes (four for each faction), each with two advanced classes. Advanced classes in the same base class have a few things in common, but typically play very differently. Advanced classes are selected when creating a character and cannot be changed.

The nameplate above each character's head has a small icon called a class icon that allows you to quickly identify the enemy's class. The base class icon is no longer visible in-game, but is included here as it is used throughout this guide to refer to both advanced classes.

In addition to the advanced classes, you must also select a field. Each advanced class has three areas. At least two of these are intended to deal damage (three for Marauder and Sniper), and the third is either healing (warlock, operative, mercenary) or tanking (assassin, jaguar note, power tech). There is no way to change the character's advanced class (aside from deleting it and starting over), but you can change the discipline almost anytime, but not while in a warzone or PvP queue. This is not entirely true due to errors. When queuing as a group, only the person in the queue can change the field and the rest.

The table below provides an overview of all the areas available in the game. For each, we provide an assessment based on how much we recommend trying out in PvP for that spec. Please note that this evaluation is highly subjective and does not directly represent the feasibility of a particular purpose, especially the ranked PvP class.

Bodyguard Mercenary specializes in personal security services and has established itself as the best protection service available for credit purchases. A variety of Colt dispersers provide protective shells and sustained-release injections for bodyguard targets, providing safe haven in even the most hostile environments.

Contrary to common belief, a well-played mercenary bodyguard isn't incredibly remarkable, but he's not a bad healer. A 5.0 buff for mercenaries has also been a nightmare to kill this discipline, but it's easier to shut down than the other two healers. Pick this if you need more healing challenges.

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