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4 Golden Rules To Successful Online Dating

These golden rules are all you need to know to get the ball rolling.



Understand that every online dating site caters to a specific niche. Tinder is for the young and hip, Loveawake is for the mainstream crowd, eHarmony is for the religious, Craigslist is for the kinky, and so on. I guarantee that one site will be a lot more fruitful to you than others, so it’s important you get multiple profiles out there and measure which site gets the most responses. Otherwise you may be wasting your time on a site that doesn’t fit you best.


The pictures hold the key to whether a girl is going to read the rest of your profile. While women like to go off on a laundry list of qualities that include “sense of humor” and “kindness to animals,” they are almost as shallow as men when it comes to online dating. They sit back and watch the dozens of responses that come in and take their choice of the guys who look the best.

But how about if you’re not especially good looking? Then what you should do is upload photos that show one of the following qualities that women value:

Social proof. Upload pictures of you with other pretty women, which acts as a stamp of approval that you are accepted by the female race.

Adventurer. Share travel photos in exciting locations and in front of famous monuments. Other good photos are of you rock climbing, mountain biking, and bungee jumping.

Status. Here you want to upload photos of you with famous people or shots in the VIP section of fancy clubs, preferably in Las Vegas.

Don’t overdo it: only upload five photos maximum and keep the captions brief. You want the photos to act as bait so she asks questions about them.


You have to hit the sites every day to message new girls who aren’t already bitter and jaded dating experts. When a girl first signs up to a dating site she is optimistic and hopeful, giving chances to guys who she wouldn’t otherwise, so therefore you want to be one of her “firsts.” In the site’s dashboard organize women by how recently they signed up and message the new girls before any other.


Girls want guys who are already getting girls, so the last thing you want to do is have a desperate vibe that reeks of no sex. When you’re writing your profile, here is the mindset that I want you to have:

“I’m already getting women, so this online dating thing isn’t important to me.”

Even if you aren’t getting women, you want to subconsciously broadcast that you already are, that you’re just experimenting and don’t take things too seriously. Therefore you need to come across as more cocky and aloof than other guys, as these things will be more powerful in attracting women.

These golden rules are all you need to know to get the ball rolling. Now it’s just a matter of making first contact. Experiment from sending smiley faces and simple hello’s to cocky messages like, “You seem like the type of girl who screens out guys all day waiting for Mr. Perfect.” Challenge them and when they respond get a conversation going. Ask them for a date after they start asking personal questions about you.

Honestly I never got deep into internet game. After college I was lucky to know a couple guys who were club rats and knew how to approach and game women in person. I started off copying their moves and lines and in the course of six years I developed a game on my own that consistently builds attraction (without having to go online).

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