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16.12.2020 3 minuty čtení

Causes of the Current Decrease in Online Quran Learning Trend

The article discusses the causes for the downward trend that the industry of online Quran learning is currently witnessing and predicts the future.

Much has been talked about online Quran learning and the sharp increase it witnessed in the last few years. There is no doubt that this industry, like any other industry related to online learning, witnessed a boom, particularly in the aftermath of the Corona pandemic. The number of people wishing to learn Quran online went from thousands to hundreds of thousands and the number of online Quran academies went from hundreds to thousands. The reason was simple: people were homebound with no activities so they decided to utilize their time by opting to learn online.

Why the Current Decline?

As soon as the lockdown eased around the world, the industry saw a downfall which continues to date. The reason may still seem simple: people around the world resumed their old routine. However, it’s not as simple as it seems. There are a few more factors that contributed to the ongoing downward trend. Let’s examine what they are.

  • People reverted to their normal routine

The most obvious reason is the ending/easing of worldwide lockdown. Kids who started learning Quran online because of no schools put their classes on hold as soon as their schools started. Similarly, adults who had enrolled in online Quran classes because of their work break/work from home ended their classes as soon as their offices re-opened. This trend was witnessed across all online Quran learning platforms. A closer look reveals that almost 80% of the students who started to learn Quran online during the lockdown chose to stop after the lockdown.

  • There is a little gap now

Due to the increased awareness and people’s understanding of the pros of online Quran learning, the concept has much high penetration as compared to a couple of years ago. People who were interested to learn Quran have already started doing it online. Even those who don’t want to learn Quran or have already learned know about it. This is because of the tens of cod calls or emails they get every day from online Quran tutors or academies. The market is much saturated today than before. This is also evident from the fact that those online Quran tutoring websites or companies that started early expanded much quicker in their initial years than they do now. New students are hard to earn due to high competition and low gap.

  • There is high competition

Market saturation has come as a consequence of high competition. As this is a service that is religiously motivating, easy to start, profitable, and requires little skill sets, a very high number of people have entered it thereby increasing market competition. As estimated, there were only around 30 online Quran academies in 2012 which are now over 400. This does not include private online Quran tutors that are also in hundreds, if not thousands. This shows about a 150% increase. The market reached its peak in 2019 and then during COVID-19. Now it’s showing a downward trend and I am not sure how long it will continue.

What is the Future?

Owners of online Quran institutes and online Quran tutors are worried as they are not getting new students despite heavy marketing spending and high organic search results. There is nothing to worry though. The market is just going through a temporary phase which will soon end. There is still and will always be a high demand and people will always prefer to learn Quran online as this not only offers convenience but also blessings to the learner. There are over 1.5 billion Muslims around the world and for them learning the holy Quran is the most sacred thing to do.

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